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25 oktober 2022 | Tracy Metz | Plan B

Plan B: NL2200

‘De natie voorheen bekend als Nederland’ is de ondertitel van Plan B, een ontwerp van het Rotterdamse bureau LOLA Landscapes voor een mogelijk Nederland in 2200, als de zeespiegel enkele meters is gerezen. Het is zeker geen vlucht, zegt mede-oprichter Eric-Jan Pleijster in de podcast, en zeker ook geen doemscenario, maar juist om poging om vooruit te denken en ons een beeld te vormen van hoe we dan in dit land kunnen wonen.

LOLA zegt dit over Plan B:

“Plan B envisions a Netherlands without dikes. It doesn’t focus on engineering dikes and dams, or constructing gigantic landfills with fossil materials from natural landscapes. Plan B uses accelerated sea level rise to leverage the rebuilding of a new Netherlands by using the driving forces of nature.  In this future the Dutch would live on a logical location: above sea level, not below it.

Living above sea level means a shift of the coastline to the east of the country. The inhabitants of the lower parts of the country will have to move themselves and all facilities, infrastructures, and employment opportunities to the east. Along this eastern coast, the economic heart of the country will be reconstructed.

The remainders of the west coast will be maintained and strengthened to develop a marine lagoon with the protected remnants of the historic cities and villages. In accordance with their tradition of water management, the citizens of ‘Waterland’ will develop the lagoon for residential areas, fisheries, aquaculture, recreation, nature and energy.

Plan B NL2200 is not a defeat, although plan B might look alarming at first sight. It pictures a positive outlook for the future of the Netherlands, in which  the Dutch deal with water in a different way. Even when Plan A (realizing the Paris agreements) fails or proves to be not sufficiently effective, The Netherlands can continue to exist by living with water and building with nature. The Dutch might even come out stronger.”

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